Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Little List To the Right

Have you noticed my recommended reading list over there on the right? It's a list of my favorite blogs. I don't always have time to look through them everyday, but I usually browse them all two or three times a week. Most are crafty related, but there are a few other random ones in there as well. One thing they all have in common are great pictures. I'll admit, I like the eye candy! The lovely images always inspire me & I end up reading so many great creative tips. It's always fun to get a little sneak peak into someone else's life, so if you have a few extra web surfing minutes give them a looksie :-)

I've managed to go biking the last three days straight! Today it was along the Marine Drive bike path past the airport & a bit up the 205 path & back. I am stiff & sore, you hit 30 & it's all downhill! I'm sure the fact that I haven't been on my bike regularly in a few months doesn't have a thing to do with it ;-)

Heading east on the Marine Drive bike bath. The Columbia River & Vancover, Washington on the other side.


Heading west on the bike path.


The Empty Envelope said...

Beautiful!!! I grew up in PA and NY and NJ and NC (not in that order, lol) and now live in MN. But I could find myself VERY much at home in Pacific NW!! Thanks for the photos!! And congrats on all the biking!

Anonymous said...

Thirty....try being twice that age. You have a long time to go. Keep bike riding and you'll eventually feel younger...:-)
Great pictures.

Candice said...

You will get back into it keep riding! Just buy a raincoat. I love seeing the pics from the rides. No lets start it being life begins at 30. We can redefine getting old.

Leah said...

i love the eye candy! ;) great photos. the first one is my favorite. the composition is very sweet.

Beck said...

Yay bikes!!! I need to dust mine off and give my bootie a nice little wake up call. ;O) Whooo hooo for fresh air, it does the mind good!!