Thursday, August 28, 2008

Important Things To Do Before I Leave

I'm only working a half day today, so I can take care of a couple important things before I leave LA.

First I'm finally going to use the gift certificate for Burke Williams Spa that I got for my birthday way back in March. I'm getting a full facial, so I will be all beauty-ful for my trip.

After that the excitement goes into overload! I'm going to the Ronald Reagan Library to tour the old Air Force 1! Yes, I'm actually very excited about this.

I can only hope I will have as much fun as I did touring the Lisa Marie & Hound Dog II at Graceland! My nerdiness knows no bounds. I am dragging my poor friend Danielle along, although she does not seem to share my excitement at all. I don't know what's wrong with her - some people just wouldn't know a good time even if it hit them right upside the head ;-)


Sherry said...

whahoo! Sounds like too much fun for one day. Is Danielle going to come up and visit us for some christmas shopping in November?

Anonymous said...

Wow....pampering the physical and the mental....good for you and Danielle sounds like a super friend who would allow you to drag her along....
Have fun

Candice said...

I too think I must be a bit of a nerd since touring the plane sounds pretty cool. What a great friend Danielle is to go along! The facial sounds like a wonderful treat. Glad the certificate is getting used.

Julie said...

I wonder if there are there secret hiding places and escape hatches in the plane?