Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My First Shot At Web Advertising

I need to get the word out about my tees, so I decided to venture into the world of buying ad space on websites. I got my toes wet by purchasing a week long slot on majaba.

Majaba is a site used by etsy sellers to easily see who hearts (added as a favorite) their shops & individual items. With this venue I'll pretty much only be marketing to other folks on etsy, but at less than $2.00 a day it's a great way to test the waters without sinking in much of an investment.

It will be interesting to see how much traffic this drives to my store & hopefully I'll get a sale or two from it!

My next shot at advertising is a month long slot on Modish in September. Modish is a blog about handmade style, that should reach some "regular" folks, along with the etsy crowd.

I'm having fun playing around with my differnt options for promoting my little venture & just learning as I go :-)


Anonymous said...

looks like you have a natural knack at advertising and I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

Hope this turns into a good business for you.