Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Times In Simi Valley

Well, I can wholeheartedly recommend visiting the Reagan Presidential Library! Even my reluctant partner in crime ended up having a good time & was bummed closing time arrived so quickly. Along with Air Force 1 (not as glitzy as the Lisa Marie, but nicer than any jet I've been on) there is a Marine 1 helicopter, Reagan's limo & motorcade.

There are many other interesting exhibits, such as a full scale replica of the Oval Office. We wished we had more time to poke around & check everything out. There was definitely more to see than we had expected. We hit up the gift store on the way out, so a couple of my lucky family members will have a cheap & cheesy memento coming their way!

Once you exit the library/museum there is a piece of the Berlin Wall on display in the garden & a little further down the path is Reagan's tomb. Once again not as fancy as Elvis', but I suppose more fitting for a head of state.

The grounds of the library are gorgeous & the Simi Valley views from the hilltop location are stunning. There are picnic tables & shade trees outside, and Danielle & I thought we should make a day of it sometime & bring a picnic lunch. No, surprisingly enough we are not eligible for AARP membership yet :-p


Candice said...

Sounds like a really interesting place. Glad both you girls had a good time. If you had a snack box in your car you could have just grabbed in & pretended it was your picnic lunch.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and you should be a travel guide or a promotional person....
Sounds like good times.
I like cheesy cheap momentos :-)

Sherry said...

hey is that one of your t's?