Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Oregonian Once Again

So after almost exactly 15 hours & a mere 971 miles, I'm back in my hometown. With the help of a few elves, I got pretty much all unpacked & settled in yesterday. I can't stand having stuff in boxes! All my t-shirt supplies are organized & ready to go, so expect to see some new designs in the next week or so. I'll be adding some sweatshirts & hats into the mix too, as chilly fall weather is right around the corner.

To celebrate my move & clear out some older stock I'm offering a free shipping special on Etsy Secrets. If you haven't already checked it out, Etsy Secrets is a great blog where shop owners post coupon codes for their stores. You can find my "secret" free shipping code here.

Oh and one random thing! Before I left LA, a friend & I went to Sports Chalet to look for a bike rack for my car & I found the hat pictured below. What sort of sport or athletic activity requires this hat for participation??? I'm thinking something that is only popular with Scandinavians... or perhaps Canadians.


Candice said...

Tell me you bought the hat!!! Glad to have you so close. Can't wait to see what the sweatshirts & hats look like. I'm sure great like the other stuff.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Oregon.
The hat is a hoot.
Glad there were elves to help you get settled.

Sherry said...

I think it's British...
from the 60's...but I can't think of what sport you'd wear it for. Maybe a spectator at a rugby match?

You look very cute in it.

Anonymous said...

Right....Twiggy and who sang Downtown? She wore a hat like that. Good memory Sherry.

Anonymous said...

Hi...very cute...you look good in caps....I went to Modish and saw your ad....very nice.
Best wishes on your endeavor.