Thursday, September 11, 2008

My New Super Model

Since I've moved, I can no longer borrow the sweet antique dress form I used to use for all my t-shirt photos, so I've decided to try using a real models for a bit.

Here's my first recruit, the very talented Riley!

I am lucky I have cute kids in my family I can borrow from time to time :-) There are a few more I might also have to bribe with free t-shirts & slurpees!

Here's another of my new kid's shirts I'll be selling at the Alberta Street Fair & Crafty Wonderland this weekend -

I'm really happy with the way that one turned out! I only have a couple of them, but I'll be ordering more of the pink argyle shirts. Too bad they don't come in adult sizes, or I would totally be making one for myself!

Here's one last parting shot of my favorite little ham :-) She certainly brings way more personality to my tees than any boring old mannequin could!


Candice said...

I like the pictures I hadn't checked any of them out while we were at your home. Seriously though I really wish we would have brushed her hair some! I love the argyle bunny shirt. It is too cute. If they don't sell this weekend we may end up buying one. Though I didn't check out what size it was. Hopefully it along with several others will sell though. By the way how did I end up buying the bribe Slurpee?!? Quite a racket ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your model is adorable!

Anonymous said...

I tell you .... that is one cute model. Much better than a mannequin....especially the last one.....
Cute little fawn also...