Monday, September 8, 2008

Fall Fun - Now or Later?

I've always wanted to go to the Corn Maize at the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island, but for some reason never have. It seems like it would be fun to do in October, but by that time it's usually all rainy & muddy. I'm thinking I should do it soon while the weather is still nice, although it won't be as seasonally appropriate. Why's it got to be so rainy around here? :-p

They also have a barn with farm animals for petting! Good times for me! There is always the risk that I might take one home. I will probably need a designated adult for supervision!

So what do you think - go now while the weather is still beautiful, or wait till it's really fall & hope for a rainless, minimally muddy day?


Candice said...

That is a hard call. Riley & I would be willing to go with you though, but not if you are planning on stealing the livestock. As far as when to go the closer it gets to Halloween the more children screaming about the perfect pumpkin there will be. I miss Rossi Farms having a pumpkin patch. Riley & I try to make it to a few pumpkin patches. There is also a place Fir Point farms where I have heard rumor of tree climbing goats. That seems right up your alley. Going when it is muddy gives you an excuse to buy a cute pair of rubber boots. Why it has to be so rainy around here is because it is Portland & that is how we roll.

Anonymous said...

Well Candice said it well....Portland is rainy, but that is why it is so green and beautiful and as you know the worst day in Portland is still better than the best elsewhere :-)
Now then...go now and enjoy the good weather....and if by chance we have some of that great fall weather we have had in the past you can always go again....and as far as the animals...I am sure they are watching you...