Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm not just an etsy seller, I'm a buyer too!

I've gotten so many fabulous things on etsy that I've decided that I need to start showing off some of my pretties. I figure I'll do a little feature on one of my many goodies once every week or two.

First up is a lovely necklace & earring set I bought from Patricia Saab Designs as a little treat for myself after my move back to Portland.

I was really drawn to the necklace. I think it has a very deco feel to it, which I love! I figured the earrings would just be a nice bonus, but when I received them I realized the earrings are beautiful in their own right! They are perfect as a set with the necklace, but they also look great worn alone.

The handcrafted set consists of white freshwater pearls & natural jet. I originally "met" the designer through forum posts on, a website for pearl lovers/experts/nerds, so I knew her jewelry would be very high quality. Of course I was thrilled with my purchase :-)


Anonymous said...

You do have a thing for pearls and you gift them too.... I know I am a lucky recipient of a couple of very pretty items.
I really like this black and white...very classy

Candice said...

Nice set! Can't wait to see your features on your purchases