Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Quirks

Beck over at Little Daisy Chains (and the maker of some of my favorite hair clippies) tagged me a few days ago to list six of my most infamous quirks, so here they are!

#1. I have The Toes of Death - with them I can pinch hard enough to draw blood. Go ahead & scoff at my powers, just watch out the next time I'm sitting next to you! Be warned, I don't even have to be barefoot - socks are no match for my inhuman toe strength!

#2. I talk to animals. I am certain they understand what I'm saying ;-) I'm no dog whisperer, it's pretty much just conversational. I'm also very polite if it's an animal I don't know, just ask Mr. Squirrel who I greeted on my walk today.

#3. I have a couple of pairs of heels I can't wear because they are excruciatingly painful (& I have a HIGH tolerance for both pain & suffering for fashion), but I can't bear to get rid of them they are so beautiful. The picture is actually of one of these pairs. Sometimes I take them out of the closet & just look at them... sigh.

#4. Two of my favorite books of all time are Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through The Looking-Glass. The books are so much better & weirder than any of the movies! I absolutely love the original illustrations by John Tenniel. This one is my favorite, where Alice is trying to play croquet with a flamingo as a mallet & hedgehogs as the balls!

#5. My favorite drink of all time is water! Even as a kid I'd always choose water over soda or juice - yuck! Probably my only healthy habit ;-)

#6. I always eat around the edges of my Reese's Peanut Butter Cups first & save the peanut buttery goodness of the middle for last! Oh & they are my most favorite sweet ever & if you give me one I will be your best friend! One of my co-workers gave me a whole bag of them for my drive from LA to Portland & I wasn't really sure if I should thank her or curse her!


Julie said...

Camel toe strength? Wow!

Beck said...

Haaa haa the camel toe picture made me laugh out loud!! Yay for talented feet. ;O)

Anonymous said...

As a recipient of that camel toe pinch, I can is excruciatingly painful...not nice at all.

I have several pair of heels that I can't wear either...I will one day just let them go....or take them to the grave.


Candice said...

The shoes are way pretty, but they make my feet hurt just looking at them.

I am always conflicted give you a peanut butter cup or not. I know you love them, but am I really being a friend?!? ;-)

I super (not) appreciate you trying to cultivate Riley's toe strength. Keep your crazy strong toes away from me!

libu said...

you reese eating, water drinking, dog whispering, high heel wearing, jaws of death toe pinching etsy chic!!! who do you think you are?
ha ha just kidding

The Empty Envelope said...

Haha...I would not give you any pb. I'm allergic to pb now and crave it like nobody's business.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid of your toes! Don't hurt me! I love that we both talk a.k.a. sing to animals.... we're special :)